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Recognize Various Abstinence After Bile Surgery

After undergoing surgical removal of the gallbladder (bile surgery), a person may become diarrhea frequently. Are there foods or drinks that need to be avoided? Then what activities should not be done? Diarrhea after bile surgery can indeed occur. Diarrhea can last for several weeks to years. According to a study, about 5 out of 100 sufferers experience diarrhea or diarrhea within 3 months after surgery. To overcome the problem of diarrhea after bile surgery, there are some foods and drinks, as well as daily activities that need to be avoided temporarily. What are the Abstinence from Eating and Drinking After Bile Surgery? Until now, the cause of diarrhea after bile surgery has not been clearly known. Diarrhea is thought to occur due to the absence of the gallbladder as a reservoir of bile, so that the bile which has a laxative effect is released directly into the intestine. To prevent and overcome this, there are some foods and drinks that need to be avoided, including food and
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Can tartar be cleaned by yourself at home

Formation of tartar will make teeth look unclean. This dental hygiene problem can make us insecure, and lazy to smile broadly or laugh out loud. Tartar (calculus) with dental plaque is not the same. Dental plaque, or better known as jigong, is a thin, sticky, and colorless layer that forms on the surface of a tooth. While tartar is hardened dental plaque because the teeth are not cleaned properly. Tartar that is not cleaned can make dental plaque more easily attached, formed more quickly, and become a "home" for harmful bacteria. Dental plaque can be cleaned by yourself at home by brushing your teeth and cleaning between your teeth. However, does that also apply to tartar? What happens if tartar is not cleaned? Before answering the questions above, it helps you know the risks that can occur if tartar has never been cleaned, namely: Gum inflammation or gingivitis Inflammation of the gums is often characterized by symptoms in the form of swollen gums and bleed easily. G

Watch out, Broken Bones Can Harm Your Life

Actually hip fractures are quite rare. However, when this happens it can trigger injury and bleeding that requires emergency treatment, because the position of the pelvis is close to the main blood vessels. Human pelvic bone shape resembles a ring at the base of the spine, which is between the back and legs. This area is an important part because the main nerves, reproductive organs, bladder and intestine are located close together and protected simultaneously by the pelvic bones. This bone also pivots the muscles in the thighs, abdomen and hips. Symptoms and Types of Broken Bones There are various causes of fractures, including severe collisions in traffic accidents or injuries due to falling from a height, or minor collisions such as falling at home, especially in patients with osteoporosis. This condition is always characterized by pain. This pain is especially felt when doing certain movements, such as when trying to walk or move the hips. Patients with hip fractures, genera